---Chinese goldfish new era with 37.2cm length at application and over 40cm at present---

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ecently, a goldfish Bruce bred by Tung Hoi Aquarium Co., created a new world record as the longest goldfish in the World Guinness Records.And soon it will take ambassadorial duty to enjoy traveling around the world. Earlier, Bruce's excellent performance has drawn the attention from all over the world and Reuters, Yahoo, major TV, and Newspaper have made special reports for it.
     Brother Chans, the owner of Bruce, introduced that the male Oranda is two years old and has 40cm length 2.8cm longer than that when application.
Brother Chens

    It is no doubt to say that the success completely depends on the innovated technology and persistent belief. At the beginning, we experienced failures but we never gave it up. "As to Bruce I prefer to say I am his coach", Mr. Louis Chan said excitedly:" the whole process of breeding was full of challenges and interests, because I had to make continuous researches including his genetic conditions and physical variations. And other things such as improving foods quality and adjusting his activity are entirely new to me. In my mind, there is a big ambition that I must breed him to be as strong as an athlete and to grow towards bigger, smarter and healthier.
However, quite a few goldfish hobbyists wonder why we didn't apply for the longest goldfish and the heaviest one as well since it is so long. To this question, Mr. Chan gave an explanation that there is a definite restriction to apply for heaviest animals so that it can avoid some appliers force animals heavier through over-feed. So the Guinness commission only accepts application for the longest one.
    Mr. Chan also told us the story about the goldfish's name. Bruce is named after Bruce Lee, a well-known Chinese Kung-fu actor. Bruce Lee is a real hero whom all the Chinese are proud of. We sincerely hope that Bruce can recall every one worldwide that it is from China.
    A professional from Hong Kong exclaimed that China is goldfish hometown. Pitifully, before 1980's last century foreign technology was more developed than us in the terms of breeding, cultivation, judgment and new variety development. In recent two decades, enterprising Chinese is making efforts to keep up with other countries . And we look Bruce as a representative of self-reliance and pursurance for better quality. The belief should be planted in every one of domestic goldfish industry so that Chinese goldfish can go out of China and attract more people abroad in coming future. Talking about his future, Mr. Louis Chan was so confident that he said: " I have a dream that one day I can breed a longest goldfish in the world . Now I made it. I also have another dream that I will challenge myself to breed a 45cm goldfish longer than present one in 2003 and break a new record. I believe we can lead Chinese goldfish industry to brighter future.
Background of Tung Hoi Aquarium co.,  
    Founded in 1986, Tung Hoi Aquarium co. is one of important goldfish exporters in China. We specialize in breeding high quality fancy goldfish and over 100 varieties are exported worldwide; we also gain its reputation as provider of high quality goldfish for exhibition. With present farm of 157,000©O, we produce 7million pieces of fish each year. In 1999, our company has been awarded the certification of ISO9001 from DNV quality assurance system. At present, we are the first and only ornamental fish farm that has been given the award in China. The general managers, brother Chans, are from Hong Kong and take several social positions such as the Chairman of Hong Kong Aquarium Association; Board of Advisors, Ornamental Fish International (OFI); Director of Goldfish Committee, Guangdong Province Aquarist Association; Aquarium Fish Committee of The China Sociaty of Fisheries etc.. Also we ever took part in the uniformity the common name of goldfish in English & Chinese; In the committee of Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine of the People's Republic of China, we work on set up the regulation of ornamental fish export process, breeding farm ,handling and packing. For several times, we present themselves in goldfish competition of national and international level as judgers.
    In our fish farm there are professional technicians who devote to water quality control, fish diseases prevention, fish food research, new varieties cultivation and quality control by fixed standard process before a box of fish is delivered. Only doing this can avoid the unhealthy goldfish coming to customers.
    Our Quality Mission: Zero Defect-do it right at the first time." to provide satisfactory products and timely service to our customers, employees, and suppliers is our quality policy

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